Anonymous → Do you know if Mark is in a relationship with that girl?


We don’t know anything more than that

But we are going to point out some things, so you guys can make your own opinion. 

Suren Wijeyaratne is the manager of both Mark and Denyse. We heard about him and Mark and Denyse’s projects from this interview 

Then four days later, Mark, Denyse and Mike Mille (aka The Mill from Camp Coyote) are hanging the three of them together at the beach and Mark publishes this photo on Instagram. We expected Mark and Denyse to work together in the music business since Mark talked about a “Musical beach” and Mike was there. (Mike and Mark wrote the song for Rocky Road “The Starting Line”, so Mike is a song writer)

Now you tell me from this photo if it looked romantic. 

And now, Suren Wijeyaratne was the first to tweet about the article in US Weekly  and Ernesto Ardonez  is PR of Denyse Tontz. Ernesto keeps tweeting about Mark and Denyse. 

For sure, we knew they would work together, now we have a confirmation from the article. Then in the article, does Mark talk about Denyse as a lover? You tell me. 

And before, that, we never got any pictures about Mark and Denyse. Mark is often hanging out either alone, either at Venice Beach, either with Brodie Smith. (just like last night)

Now that you have everything, make your own conclusion. But for now, it seems like they date from the article. Pr or no? We don’t know. 

Also, just to clear things up. Denyse is an adult, she is 19, she had boyfriends before Mark, it’s totally legal. And it’s none of our business to discuss or criticize about it. As long as they are happy, leave them alone and find another drama. 

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Mark Salling at the 4th Annual Celebration Of Dance Gala Presented By The Dizzy Feet Foundation [x]

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Nolan Funk for Alternative Apparel’s ‘ReThink’ (vol 2)


Nolan Funk for Alternative Apparel’s ‘ReThink’ (vol 2)

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Only repost on rp’s and do not claim as your own.


Only repost on rp’s and do not claim as your own.

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tinkerberryrps, I did enjoy your witty response though, it made me laugh. I worry for them but they’re keeping me entertained and how can I complain over free entertainment. I’m waiting for a pregnancy next.

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@Brodiesmith21 : Had a blast playing disc golf with my boy @MarkSalling

 : Had a blast playing disc golf with my boy

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tinkerberryrps, Glee Cast have gone crazy. But it turns out Kevin has a show on E4, which is pretty much like Rude Tube but with guests.

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